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7 Tips for Freshers to Ace an Interview for Job

The first interview for a job can be overwhelming as you stumble to decide on the factors to consider during interview preparation for freshers. In this blog, we will provide you with interview tips for freshers that can help you ace your upcoming job interview. Be well researched Working on researching the company and the […]

How to List Hobbies on Resume?

Building an impressive resume is a crucial step of a job seeker’s journey, and while sections like objective, work history, skills, education, etc, are must-haves, the hobbies and interests section is optional. This situation can make job seekers like you ponder the question: is it a good idea to include interests & hobbies on the […]

9 Skills in Resume for Freshers to List

A job application is a serious matter that can make or break your chance at bagging the job. So, how does a recruiter shortlist candidates? Apart from your work experience, the skills you put on your resume allow the recruiter to sort out the best candidate from the lot. This has even more importance if […]

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